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Here’s my first book in the Catalyst Series, only 99 cents on Kindle, and also available in paperback for $5.99. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free! And if you like to listen to audiobooks, it’s on Youtube, narrated by me. Go to my channel: Carolyn Kay Hanson. I hope you enjoy!

In this first book, we meet Catrina, the slightly eccentric but lovable matchmaker who is at the root of all the romances in this series. Through her efforts, and those of her assistant, Adrian, the characters in these stories find their perfect match, that special person with whom they can enjoy their own happily ever after.

To B&B or not to B&B. That is the question for Bethany. She’s lost her boyfriend, her apartment, and her job. Catrina gives her an airplane ticket to Idaho to work for someone who wants to start a new bed and breakfast. A baker at heart, Bethany leaps at the opportunity to leave the city behind her and soon finds herself surrounded by pristine mountains.

Her new boss welcomes her warmly but his son, Beau, reacts to her in the opposite extreme. He’s adamant that a B&B will never work. His antagonist attitude to the whole plan and his desire to send Bethany packing puts her in a tailspin.

When Beau turns into a recluse, Bethany asks about his background and discovers he’s been badly abused. She decides she must help him, and requests that he teach her how to ride a horse. When she suffers a concussion due to a freak accident, which he believes is his fault, Beau has a change of heart.

Fun Facts: Book 1

When writing this story, I envisioned the setting as Salmon, Idaho, where I lived for several years.

Beau and Bethany were originally named Cade and Tiffany, and it wasn’t until I had the second book about halfway done that I came up with the idea of how I wanted to name my characters for the entire series.

Another idea I had hoped to incorporate into the series was a cat that helped Catrina, or was around anyway, and I would call her Kitty, so we’d have Cat and Kitty, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it, so I had to give it up. The only reason for this is because I’m a cat lover and wanted to include them in my stories.

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