Dandelions and me, we have a thing going; I think they are beautiful. They’re cheerful, radiant and tenacious without being overbearing. Just cute little sun-colored flowers. I’ve no idea why, in most people, they seem to provoke the attitude of disgust. It’s illogical. Why does a lawn have to be only green? Why can’t it also contain tiny spots of yellow? The bees love these flowers, so why don’t humans? They’re harmless and wonderful; and personally, I can’t get enough of their own variety of joy.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Here’s my sixth Kindle book . . .

In the Catalyst Series, The Model & the Cowboy: $0.99 for Kindle, $6.99 for paperback, Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Catrina attempts a reverse match-up with the hope of saving her friend from marrying the wrong man. Gabriella is a top model and engaged to the wealthy and sophisticated Grayson, and she’s thrilled with the prenuptial gift of a two-week stay at a prestigious resort in Montana.

While there, Gabriella meets Gabe, the cowboy in charge of horseback rides for resort guests. She feels an instant attraction and in less than three days, knows she’s in love. Grayson proposes the idea of an open marriage to facilitate his philandering ways, but when Gabriella expresses her doubts, he wants to return to New York. Gabriella breaks off her engagement and refuses to leave so she can be near Gabe.

When Gabriella unexpectedly kisses him, Gabe realizes he must avoid this beautiful woman who has captured his heart because she’s engaged. Claiming a family emergency, he hides at his place until he assumes she’s gone back to New York. When she surprises him by materializing out of a dream, he refuses to believe her profession of love. 

Gabe subsequently decides he must apologize for his behavior, and searches for Gabriella everywhere, finally discovering she’s in the hospital. The tragedy unleashes the power of his love.

Fun Facts: Book 6

I wanted to have a redhead to write about, just for variety. So, I created Gabriella and had a wonderful time. She’s such an awesome girl, the story nearly wrote itself. Oh, and I also love to knit socks.

In the scene where she gave Gabe his socks in the hospital, I actually wrote this sentence: ‘He pulled on the socks one at a time.’ It didn’t hit me until, like, the third read-through. Talk about stating the obvious. How ELSE would he pull on his socks? There is no other way! I laughed at myself until I had tears in my eyes.

Embarrassing moment: On the cover, that thing that looks like a rock wall? It’s supposed to be a river. Yeah, I ain’t much of an artist. My mother is probably rolling over in her grave at my artwork. She was very talented, and so was her mother. I don’t know what happened to those genes but they must have gotten scattered by the time I was born.

Firewood, anyone?

Would you like to see what I do during the day as a break from writing? You can’t sit and write all day, as I’m sure you other writers out there know. Your brain fuzzes up and you simply must do something REAL for awhile. When I need to be active, I go out in the backyard and package up firewood. 

Wood pile number one

It feels great to be outside, breathing the fresh air and listening to the birds. I’ve also learned how to chop the firewood. My son does most of the chopping, of course, because he’s young and strong. I’m small boned and I weigh less than one-hundred pounds; however, when I can wield an axe and actually get a log to fly apart into two pieces, I feel like Paul Bunyan! 

Wood pile number two

I split maybe five logs per morning and even that little amount does make the pile grow, day by day. Like bundling firewood, I package up maybe three bundles a day, but if I do this every day, pretty soon I’ve got piles of the stuff.

Wood pile number three

And now—to offer a word of encouragement to anyone who needs it (don’t we all)—if I can chop and bundle firewood, maybe you can do something that you’ve been wanting to do but aren’t sure you can, for whatever reason. Begin by picking at it, just one piece at a time, or one minute at a time. It will be positive nourishment for your mind and soul and body, and hey, it might even stimulate your writing. I wish you success!

This is my fifth Kindle book

The Cowgirl & the Cowboy, $0.99 for Kindle, $6.99 for paperback, and if you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s FREE!

Fontella is recently divorced from an abusive husband. Felix is recently divorced from a selfish wife. Catrina devises a way to put these two hurting people together on a cattle ranch, since they are both experienced and talented in raising beef cattle, in the hopes that they will complement each other and fall in love. 

Each of them arrives at the new managerial position hoping for a fresh start and thinking they are the only one the boss has hired for the job, but they soon find out they are required to work together and the owner is leaving for Europe.

When their two eight-year-old girls become besties, it complicates matters. Felix defends Fontella from an attack by her abusive ex and it breaks the ice between them and opens the door for a tender relationship.

Fun Facts: Book 5

This one was so much fun to write. I had a blast with the names and I had no idea that so many fun twists and turns would present themselves with Fontella’s name, Felix’s name, and also their daughters. I think it made the entire story much more fun than if there’d been no interplay with the characters’ names. 

Also, many years ago, when I lived in Idaho, Felix Fletcher was my next door neighbor.

Embryo of a Sock

Have you ever wondered what a sock looks like before it’s fully grown? (Has anyone, ever? Insert laughing emoji) 

I like to knit socks. I think it’s genetic, as my great-great-grandmother knit socks for her eighteen children. Now that’s a lot of socks! They lived in Denmark, so they probably wore them for most of the year. 

I just thought I’d share this with you. Here’s a pic of what a sock looks like when you first start out:

Now, aren’t you glad to know this? Don’t you feel satisfied to have added this tiny bit of information to your vast treasure trove of stuff collected over the years? 

Here’s my fourth book in the Catalyst Series

Two Girls for Two Cowboys, available in Kindle for $0.99 or paperback for $6.99, and Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Catrina attempts a double match-up at the same location, the Double Z Dude Ranch, where she vacationed for a week. Finding someone for timid Eliot and also for his father, Ed, will be a challenge but she’s up for it. The ranch needs a new cook, and Catrina suggests her aunt Eloise, who is single, and the same age as Ed. Adrian’s sister, Emily, needs a new job, so Catrina mentions her name, also.

Eliot is instantly smitten with the sweet and unassuming Emily when they accidentally collide in a darkened hallway. Ed was smitten with Eloise even before he met her, practically falling in love with her voice over the phone. 

Ed pursues Eloise in typical fashion, discovering they have plenty in common after they are chased into a pond at midnight by a feral hog. Eliot admires Emily from afar, but his quiet and gentle manner quickly captivates her heart and they finally realize their love for each other while dancing in the chicken coop.

Fun Facts: Book 4

I don’t know if anyone noticed this or not, but the chapters are created according to ‘ladies first,’ as well as ‘age has its privileges.’ So, we hear from Eloise first, then Emily, then we go to Ed, and then Eliot. This pattern repeats itself until the end of the story.

Did you notice on the cover that there are two prickly pear pads that are heart-shaped? Yep, I did that on purpose. They actually grow like that sometimes. It’s kinda cool. Please overlook the fact that it appears the prickly pear plant is growing out of the cowboy hat. Perhaps my artistic abilities will improve as the series progresses. We can hope.

Book Covers . . .

Have you ever noticed that today, book covers in a certain genre all look alike? Kind of like the same person designs them, although I’m sure this is not the case, but it’s as if the book cover creators look at what’s already been done, and get their ideas from there.

When I thought about how I wanted my book covers to look, it was recommended that I pay someone to design a book cover for me so it would look professional. I considered it, but then it occurred to me that, if I went that direction, my book covers would simply look like everyone else’s. Almost as if someone had opened a can. They’re all the same; like canned tuna.

I wanted something different. I wanted my covers to look different. So, I made the decision to design them myself. Now, I know I’m not an artist; you don’t have to tell me. I don’t even try to pretend that I am; although, I did have fun drawing my book covers, and I think they kind of turned out looking like the Laura Ingalls Wilder collection of books, which I dearly love, and I also dearly love their covers.

I know my covers don’t look professional, but perhaps that’s a good thing. It may inhibit some people from considering the book, at first, but I think the proof is in the pudding, and that eventually, people will come to love my covers.

If you’re looking for laughter and romance . . .

You’ve come to the right place. We all need a break from the world every now and then, right? My books are written with the intent to give you a respite from life that we so desperately need once in a while. Fun, entertaining, and clean, the books in the Catalyst Series will bring you joy.

I’ve written 6 so far, all are available on Amazon in Kindle Unlimited or paperback. Enjoy, my friends!

A Great Way to Wake Up . . .

I’ve recently discovered a great way to wake up in the morning. We’ve had a lot of mosquitos around here lately, in the area of Washington State where I live, and a few manage to get in my house every day. Somehow. They are pretty thick this year so, after I’ve been outside and they’ve collected on my body, riding along with me as I go for my morning walk, I’ve developed a strategy of waving my arms around and doing a bit of a get-the-mosquitos-off-of-me dance before I step inside my home. It helps; I think. 

Some do manage to get in to my sleeping area and so when I hear them humming around me in the morning, I try to slap at them, of course. They invariably land somewhere on my face or head, so I slap myself. And you have to slap pretty hard to extinguish a mosquito, as you well know. And you never get the beastie the first attempt. So, I end up slapping myself, in the face, many times, right after waking up. 

It could be annoying, but it’s more comical than anything else, in my opinion. So, I choose to laugh. And, it’s a great way to wake up!

Photo by Pragyan Bezbaruah on Pexels.com

Here’s my third Kindle book . . .

. . . in the Catalyst Series. $0.99 for Kindle version, $6.99 for print; or if you have Kindle Unlimited, then it’s free!

Daisy is a new mother, recently widowed, and she needs a job. Catrina, our beloved matchmaker, tells her about a teaching opportunity in Northern California at a horse training facility. Since Daisy went to the Olympics on the U.S. Equestrian Team, she’s excited at the chance to be back in the world of horses. 

The owner, Danielle, is thrilled to hire her and has great plans for Daisy to teach English riding lessons since that is her area of expertise. However, her brother, Dakota, suspects Daisy is simply an unwed mother who is lying about her illustrious experience as an athlete.

When Dakota is confronted with a woman bearing an infant who is supposedly his, Daisy shows him compassion, even after he has treated her poorly. That, coupled with her phenomenal horse instinct that is equal to his own, has Dakota rethinking his opinion of her.

Fun Facts: Book 3

This story really didn’t go like I had planned. I originally wanted Daisy and Dakota to have a competition to see who could train horses the best. If you’ve read the book, you know it didn’t go that way.

I had no idea when I started that Dakota was going to have a baby, too, but it turned into one of the most entertaining aspects of the story. 

One of things I found almost frustrating was that I could never get Daisy to stay mad at Dakota. She kept forgiving him. It made me a little nuts, because you need that conflict to keep the story going. 

February 11th is also my son’s birthday.

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