What Is It About Crayons?

There’s just something about a crayon that goes straight to my heart. I love the many colors, the size, shape, and appearance of the artistic tool, and even the delightful waxy smell. When I was young, I tried to eat them. I’d walk around with colorful crayon marks on my teeth and my mother would say, “Carolyn, have you been eating crayons again?” 

My love of crayons hasn’t lessened over the years. I think most kids like crayons when they are toddlers or preschool age, and maybe for a few years afterward. Then they probably move on to other interests or artistic implements, like paint brushes. I never left my admiration for crayons behind. I still feel as strongly about them today as I ever did.

Sometimes I wonder if this says something about me, like, I’m still a kid at heart. Most people who know me would say that yes, I am still a child in many ways; and many people might think that was not much of a compliment, but I don’t feel that way. Children have a unique perspective of the world that adults miss, or forget. I’d rather look at the world through the eyes of a child.

A Nosy Loaf of Bread . . .

Recently, I followed an ordinary recipe in a bread machine cookbook and when I opened the cover of the bread machine several hours later, this is what I found looking up at me. Not only does it have a nose, but nostrils, too! Just had to share with you all . . . I hope it gave you a good giggle, like it did for me. ~

Original Series Star Trek

My absolute favorite TV show of all time is the Original Series Star Trek. I don’t know why. I’m not crazy about any other space shows, and I don’t really care for the extensions of the Star Trek story idea that came along in later years. There was just something about the original series that captured my attention.

I’ve probably watched every episode they made at least a dozen times, maybe more, and I have whole sections memorized. My favorite one is about the Tribbles. It was so silly, but just plain fun. Maybe that’s why these shows appeal to me; they are simple and down-to-Earth (pardon me, but I couldn’t resist that one).

I think the people involved with producing The Original Series demonstrated substantially more creativity than what is seen today, but that’s just my humble opinion. 

Do you love Star Trek, too?

Is Honesty Really the Best Policy?

Most of us have heard the axiom that honesty is the best policy. I’m confident many people abide by it. 

However, as I look back on my life, now that I’m in my sixties, I notice that every time I was completely honest in my opinions and feelings, it brought about horrific consequences. Life-altering mushroom clouds . . . ka-BOOM! . . . leaving me dazed, confused, and contemplating the scattered ashes of my life.

Unfortunately, this has happened to me more than once—actually several times. So, I’ve (finally) decided to change my thinking about this well-known advice to: 

1- Never be honest. 

2- Never say what you are thinking. 

3- Tell people exactly what they want to hear. If you don’t, you will pay the consequences.

Does this sort of thing happen to anyone else, or just me?

Where Do I Get My Inspiration for Writing?

I was recently asked this question by a friend, and I could not answer her to my satisfaction. When I ponder the idea, I can’t even come up with a clear reply. I suppose I find inspiration in everything . . . every experience, every memory, every “thing” that brings me joy and in which I’m interested, and that would include all the beautiful created stuff on Earth. Now that’s a looong list!

I write about things I like, so I can experience them more fully, and I also write about situations that I’d like to be in but will never be able to do, for various reasons. So yeah, I live vicariously through my characters. I would think most authors do this. It’s kind of a cool way to live a life that is much larger and more interesting than the one you currently have. ~

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Four-leafed clovers . . .

Corned beef and cabbage . . . 

Sugar cookies with green icing . . . 

Wearing green clothing so you won’t get pinched . . . 

Leprechauns . . .

Pots of gold at the end of rainbows . . .

~May each one of you discover your own pot of gold today~

Anyone Else Love Black and White Movies?

I honestly prefer black and white movies. There’s just something about them that I find better than the modern colored variety. Isn’t that odd? Maybe it’s an emotional thing, as I was born during the time when nobody had color TV. When the Wizard of Oz came out, it was, I believe, the very first movie produced in color. I remember my parents took us kids over to a friend’s house to watch it because they had one of these wondrous things called a color TV set. 

My dad was a frugal man, for which I’m very grateful, as I learned a thrifty mindset at an early age and grew up with it, and it does come in handy most of the time. Anyway, he had a perfectly good black and white TV and saw no reason to replace it, even though color sets were available. It wasn’t until my first year of college that my folks finally bought their first color TV. 

So, perhaps this fondness for the many shades of grey on the television screen takes me back to my childhood and the experience of watching movies in black and white. Maybe that’s it. Or possibly it has something to do with the fact (in my opinion, it’s fact) that TV was a lot better back then. If a show is in black and white, you automatically know it’s safe to watch and that you’re not liable to encounter a plethora of things you’d rather not see. However, if it’s in color, it indicates a certain time frame, where you just never know what they might put in that TV show or movie, even if they do have a rating. 

Anyway . . . just my rambling thoughts on the subject. ~

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