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Two Identical Heating Pads Die Within Hours of Each Other (Elderly Woman Freezes Her Butt Off)

Sounds like a newspaper headline, doesn’t it? The only reason I’m posting about this is because it actually happened to me yesterday. It’s cold where I live and I need these things to keep my chair(s) warm, or any place I want to sit and not be uncomfortably cold. One heating pad is about 2 years old, and the other one is only 2 months old, give or take. They are the exact same brand and style. And they both chose yesterday to die. 

Now, I know that nowadays, most items are created to expire in a certain amount of time. Used to be when I was a kid (a rather long time ago) that this didn’t happen. Probably anybody with grey hair can remember those days, but today, everything—and I mean everything—dies right and left and we think nothing of it, other than being annoyed that we have to buy a new one. 

So I’m really quite impressed at the synchronization of the expiration date of these heating pads. Talk about perfect timing. It makes me wonder though . . . is it just me or does this sort of thing happen to anyone else?

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Waist of Time

A few days ago, on some social media app, where a person can find all sorts of interesting misspellings and other and sundry grammar faux pas, I spied someone referring to a waste of time, but they spelled it the way I have in the title of this post. After having a good chuckle, it got me thinking. A waist of time. Wouldn’t that be the thin part of an hour glass?

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Thanksgiving is on its Way!

So I just wanted to post a fun picture. Personally, I’m freezing my pa-toot off today as I’m in a small travel trailer near the border with Canada and we’re having a terrifically cold wind sweep down through the valley I’m in . . . kinda gets you right in the gizzard! I hope wherever you are, you’re warmer than I am. Maybe sitting beside a fire, sipping something hot . . . coffee, tea, cocoa, apple cider . . . maybe knitting on something . . . 🙂 Have a good day, Everyone!

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I Love Yarn Day? What?!

I just learned that today is I Love Yarn Day. What???? How could I have not known about this day until now? I suppose it’s possible they just created it this year . . . ?

Whatever, I decided the best way for me to celebrate the day was to post pictures of the best yarn pics I could find. So here they are. Enjoy, my yarn-loving friends!

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Pumpkin Season! 

How could I not post a picture of pumpkins today? In my opinion, the best part of the Fall season is pumpkins, and there’s just something about the month of October that makes me first think of pumpkins, then beautifully-colored leaves, then apples, in that order. 

I’ve always loved pumpkins. I’m not sure why. Maybe because they seem so cheerful. They’re fun to grow; it’s so rewarding to watch their vines take over the garden and produce these massive bright orange balls. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend!