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Here’s my fourth book in the Catalyst Series

Two Girls for Two Cowboys, available in Kindle for $0.99 or paperback for $6.99, and Free on Kindle Unlimited!

Catrina attempts a double match-up at the same location, the Double Z Dude Ranch, where she vacationed for a week. Finding someone for timid Eliot and also for his father, Ed, will be a challenge but she’s up for it. The ranch needs a new cook, and Catrina suggests her aunt Eloise, who is single, and the same age as Ed. Adrian’s sister, Emily, needs a new job, so Catrina mentions her name, also.

Eliot is instantly smitten with the sweet and unassuming Emily when they accidentally collide in a darkened hallway. Ed was smitten with Eloise even before he met her, practically falling in love with her voice over the phone. 

Ed pursues Eloise in typical fashion, discovering they have plenty in common after they are chased into a pond at midnight by a feral hog. Eliot admires Emily from afar, but his quiet and gentle manner quickly captivates her heart and they finally realize their love for each other while dancing in the chicken coop.

Fun Facts: Book 4

I don’t know if anyone noticed this or not, but the chapters are created according to ‘ladies first,’ as well as ‘age has its privileges.’ So, we hear from Eloise first, then Emily, then we go to Ed, and then Eliot. This pattern repeats itself until the end of the story.

Did you notice on the cover that there are two prickly pear pads that are heart-shaped? Yep, I did that on purpose. They actually grow like that sometimes. It’s kinda cool. Please overlook the fact that it appears the prickly pear plant is growing out of the cowboy hat. Perhaps my artistic abilities will improve as the series progresses. We can hope.

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Book Covers . . .

Have you ever noticed that today, book covers in a certain genre all look alike? Kind of like the same person designs them, although I’m sure this is not the case, but it’s as if the book cover creators look at what’s already been done, and get their ideas from there.

When I thought about how I wanted my book covers to look, it was recommended that I pay someone to design a book cover for me so it would look professional. I considered it, but then it occurred to me that, if I went that direction, my book covers would simply look like everyone else’s. Almost as if someone had opened a can. They’re all the same; like canned tuna.

I wanted something different. I wanted my covers to look different. So, I made the decision to design them myself. Now, I know I’m not an artist; you don’t have to tell me. I don’t even try to pretend that I am; although, I did have fun drawing my book covers, and I think they kind of turned out looking like the Laura Ingalls Wilder collection of books, which I dearly love, and I also dearly love their covers.

I know my covers don’t look professional, but perhaps that’s a good thing. It may inhibit some people from considering the book, at first, but I think the proof is in the pudding, and that eventually, people will come to love my covers.

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Here’s my third Kindle book . . .

. . . in the Catalyst Series. $0.99 for Kindle version, $6.99 for print; or if you have Kindle Unlimited, then it’s free!

Daisy is a new mother, recently widowed, and she needs a job. Catrina, our beloved matchmaker, tells her about a teaching opportunity in Northern California at a horse training facility. Since Daisy went to the Olympics on the U.S. Equestrian Team, she’s excited at the chance to be back in the world of horses. 

The owner, Danielle, is thrilled to hire her and has great plans for Daisy to teach English riding lessons since that is her area of expertise. However, her brother, Dakota, suspects Daisy is simply an unwed mother who is lying about her illustrious experience as an athlete.

When Dakota is confronted with a woman bearing an infant who is supposedly his, Daisy shows him compassion, even after he has treated her poorly. That, coupled with her phenomenal horse instinct that is equal to his own, has Dakota rethinking his opinion of her.

Fun Facts: Book 3

This story really didn’t go like I had planned. I originally wanted Daisy and Dakota to have a competition to see who could train horses the best. If you’ve read the book, you know it didn’t go that way.

I had no idea when I started that Dakota was going to have a baby, too, but it turned into one of the most entertaining aspects of the story. 

One of things I found almost frustrating was that I could never get Daisy to stay mad at Dakota. She kept forgiving him. It made me a little nuts, because you need that conflict to keep the story going. 

February 11th is also my son’s birthday.

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Today on Planet Earth . . .

Here’s my first book in the Catalyst Series, only 99 cents on Kindle, and also available in paperback for $5.99. If you have Kindle Unlimited, it’s free! And if you like to listen to audiobooks, it’s on Youtube, narrated by me. Go to my channel: Carolyn Kay Hanson. I hope you enjoy!

In this first book, we meet Catrina, the slightly eccentric but lovable matchmaker who is at the root of all the romances in this series. Through her efforts, and those of her assistant, Adrian, the characters in these stories find their perfect match, that special person with whom they can enjoy their own happily ever after.

To B&B or not to B&B. That is the question for Bethany. She’s lost her boyfriend, her apartment, and her job. Catrina gives her an airplane ticket to Idaho to work for someone who wants to start a new bed and breakfast. A baker at heart, Bethany leaps at the opportunity to leave the city behind her and soon finds herself surrounded by pristine mountains.

Her new boss welcomes her warmly but his son, Beau, reacts to her in the opposite extreme. He’s adamant that a B&B will never work. His antagonist attitude to the whole plan and his desire to send Bethany packing puts her in a tailspin.

When Beau turns into a recluse, Bethany asks about his background and discovers he’s been badly abused. She decides she must help him, and requests that he teach her how to ride a horse. When she suffers a concussion due to a freak accident, which he believes is his fault, Beau has a change of heart.

Fun Facts: Book 1

When writing this story, I envisioned the setting as Salmon, Idaho, where I lived for several years.

Beau and Bethany were originally named Cade and Tiffany, and it wasn’t until I had the second book about halfway done that I came up with the idea of how I wanted to name my characters for the entire series.

Another idea I had hoped to incorporate into the series was a cat that helped Catrina, or was around anyway, and I would call her Kitty, so we’d have Cat and Kitty, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it, so I had to give it up. The only reason for this is because I’m a cat lover and wanted to include them in my stories.