The Snapping of Beaks

So here’s another one of my favorite things. I’ve enjoyed owning chickens for many years, and while there are several things to enjoy about them, one of my favorites is the sound of their beaks as they crop grass. Just that slight click-clicking sound, or snap-snapping sound as a flock of birds eagerly grasp at the juicy green blade of grass and snap it off. Now, it has to be fairly quiet for you to hear this, but I enjoy it when I do manage to pick it up.

Speaking of hearing beaks click, a few years ago I had a hummingbird that got quite brave and friendly while I was out and about. He’d buzz past me then hover close, giving me a once over before zooming off. One time, there were quite a few tiny gnats hovering around in a cloud near my head, and this hummer came up and ate one. I heard, and saw, his tiny beak open and snap shut. It was a very tiny snap indeed; and I thought to myself: “My goodness, a person has to be in the right place at the right time to hear the minuscule snap of a hummingbird’s beak!”

I Have a Thing for Frogs

For the love of frogs.

I just love them. I don’t know why. I’ve always loved frogs. In fact, (don’t tell anyone) when I catch a frog–after I’ve admired his beautiful skin, his cute little toes, his lovely golden eyes–I have to touch his tiny nose to my cheek and pretend he’s giving me a kiss. Yes, I really do this (just ask my children, whom I’ve probably embarrassed this way for years). 

I don’t see a lot of frogs, mainly because I’ve lived in arid portions of the country for years, but when I do find myself in a damp area of the world, where there are tall trees, ferns, babbling brooks and abundant natural moisture, I occasionally come across a frog. Sometimes a tiny one, fresh from its egg, less than an inch in size. What a delight! Nature’s gift to this frog lover. 

Now I love the trees and ferns and babbling brook, too. Actually, I’m in awe of all of the things God made. Such beauty, such diversity, the colors He used . . . amazing! I often tell Him so; and all those beautifully-colored songbirds He made? Wow! 

But instead of getting into the subject of birds now, I’ll leave it for another time.~

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