What Is It About Crayons?

There’s just something about a crayon that goes straight to my heart. I love the many colors, the size, shape, and appearance of the artistic tool, and even the delightful waxy smell. When I was young, I tried to eat them. I’d walk around with colorful crayon marks on my teeth and my mother would say, “Carolyn, have you been eating crayons again?” 

My love of crayons hasn’t lessened over the years. I think most kids like crayons when they are toddlers or preschool age, and maybe for a few years afterward. Then they probably move on to other interests or artistic implements, like paint brushes. I never left my admiration for crayons behind. I still feel as strongly about them today as I ever did.

Sometimes I wonder if this says something about me, like, I’m still a kid at heart. Most people who know me would say that yes, I am still a child in many ways; and many people might think that was not much of a compliment, but I don’t feel that way. Children have a unique perspective of the world that adults miss, or forget. I’d rather look at the world through the eyes of a child.

Author: Carolyn Kay Hanson

Carolyn was born and raised in Idaho. She has worked with animals for most of her life (prepare yourself, the list is long): cats, dogs, horses, cows, goats, sheep, rabbits, turkeys, ducks, chickens, guineas, and geese. She was married to a cowboy for twenty-five years and during that time lived on seven different cattle ranches. She learned how to give shots to cattle, brand cattle, castrate bull calves and close the head catch in time to capture the beast that was flying through the working chute like a streak of lightning. She also learned to back the truck up to the trailer hitch and get it right the first time. When a teen, she attended horsemanship clinics and schools, and competed in horse shows that included dressage and jumping. She owned and trained seven of her own horses. After having two children, both of whom she homeschooled until they passed the SAT with flying colors (which is absolutely no credit to her as they both reside in the genius category and continually leave her wondering what the heck is going on) she dove into homesteading, learning how to make her own bread, make soup stock from scratch, butcher chickens, rabbits, goats, sheep, and cows, and one year had so much fun canning everything in sight that when she counted the full glass jars in the pantry, she was shocked to discover there were over a thousand. Her knowledge of settings used as the basis of her stories is diverse due to the fact that she has lived in many different states including Idaho, Montana, California, Texas, Missouri, Virginia, Indiana, New Jersey, Washington, and Arizona. She now resides near Seattle. Her hobbies include knitting, crocheting, soap making, and, of course, writing. Oh, and her favorite author? P. G. Wodehouse.

2 thoughts on “What Is It About Crayons?”

  1. I know what you mean! We recently moved to a new state, and we don’t have our stuff yet, but my daughter asked for a box of crayons (in a text message while she was in school – high school). I run to the craft store, thinking she needs it for school’s art class asap and get her the big box. When she returns home, I hand her the box, and her eyes light up! I asked her why she needed the crayons, and she told me she just wanted to create something colorful and that she’s so happy I got her the box with the sharpener! “That’s always been her dream!” 😂

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