I Have a Thing for Frogs

For the love of frogs.

I just love them. I don’t know why. I’ve always loved frogs. In fact, (don’t tell anyone) when I catch a frog–after I’ve admired his beautiful skin, his cute little toes, his lovely golden eyes–I have to touch his tiny nose to my cheek and pretend he’s giving me a kiss. Yes, I really do this (just ask my children, whom I’ve probably embarrassed this way for years). 

I don’t see a lot of frogs, mainly because I’ve lived in arid portions of the country for years, but when I do find myself in a damp area of the world, where there are tall trees, ferns, babbling brooks and abundant natural moisture, I occasionally come across a frog. Sometimes a tiny one, fresh from its egg, less than an inch in size. What a delight! Nature’s gift to this frog lover. 

Now I love the trees and ferns and babbling brook, too. Actually, I’m in awe of all of the things God made. Such beauty, such diversity, the colors He used . . . amazing! I often tell Him so; and all those beautifully-colored songbirds He made? Wow! 

But instead of getting into the subject of birds now, I’ll leave it for another time.~

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